Brian Pruch

Director of Leadership Development

Growing up in a Christian home, Brian gave his life to Christ at a very young age but did not fully live up to the decision he had made. When he was in high school, he began to notice the difference between how he wanted to live and how he was living. On the baseball team, he had many teammates who did not follow God and were blind to faith, so he quickly devoted his life to helping unchurched and non-Christian teens discover who God was. While attending Crown College in Minnesota, Brian worked with various youth ministries and felt called to working full-time with kids. He became a volunteer at Gretna Campus Life and became the director just months after. Brian has been on staff with Omaha Youth for Christ since June 2011. He is responsible for the Campus Life clubs at Gretna Middle School, Gretna High School and all Gretna elementary schools. He hopes to continue to positively influence students in Gretna through Campus Life, coaching for the high school baseball team and serving on various community boards. Outside of work, Brian likes to play any kind of sport (especially baseball, tennis, disc golf and ultimate frisbee) and loves doing projects around the house. But, most of all, he enjoys spending time with his best friend and lovely wife Sara and their 2 precious kids, Izzy and Xander. Brian has also won a male beauty pageant and hopes to one day star in a realtiy TV show about pageant dads.